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Fox Control

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foxFoxes are small to medium size canines with narrow snouts and long bushy tails.  Various species of foxes can be found around the globe and are very common across North America.  These wild dogs are omnivorous feeding on small mammals such as rodents, birds, insects such as grasshoppers and beetles, reptiles including snakes, amphibians, eggs, and commonly feed on a variety of fruits and berries.  Foxes are one of the few canine species which are actually known to climb trees to remove fruit.  They commonly live in family groups and will often hunt for prey alone unlike many other canine species.

Foxes harbor and transmit numerous diseases including rabies, fox tapeworm, sarcoptic mange, and many others.  These diseases can be transferred to humans or domestic pets by many different means including direct contact with the animal, contact with feces or particles that can become airborne from feces and urine, or contact with ectoparasites that foxes spread near your home or business including fleas, ticks, and mites that cause sarcoptic mange.  Fox trapping and fox control measures should be left to licensed professionals to minimize risk of disease transfer to you, your family or employees, and your pets.

Rabies in Texas is an ongoing state health emergency. Therefore, according to the Rabies Control and Eradication Administrative Code (Chapter 169. Administrative Code) Rules of the Board of Health for the Rabies Control Act (Chapter 826. Texas Health and Safety Code), it is illegal for a person to transport certain animals that are high risk for transmitting rabies, including coyotes, species of foxes indigenous to North America, and raccoons, to, from, or within the state. A violation of this law is a Class C misdemeanor.  For this reason it is imperative that a licensed wildlife biologist at Wildernex handle all necessary fox removal and fox control on your property.