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FAQ’s Wildlife Control

How do we prevent wildlife from returning?

Wildernex wildlife biologists will trap and/or remove all wildlife from your home or business.  Upon completion, we can provide exclusion repairs to your property to ensure all entry points and vulnerable areas are sealed or screened to prevent future entry.  See our Services page for more details.


Are we licensed and insured?

Yes, we carry full general liability and workers comp insurance for our employees.  Never trust a company that is not fully insured.


Are we like Animal Control?

No, we are a private company that specializes in resolving nuisance wildlife conflicts.  Local city and county animal control offices typically deal solely with domesticated animals such as cats and dogs.


Do we have set pricing?

No, each wildlife situation can vary greatly and will require a specific wildlife control plan to fit your specific needs.  Our biologists can typically assess most situations over the phone and give you estimates for our services.


Where are we located?

Primarily in the Houston Metro area; however, we are willing to travel and have serviced commercial properties across the country.  If you would like to know if we can service your area, please do not hesitate to contact us.