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Bobcat Trapping

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bobcatBobcats are medium size cats of North America that are generally solitary and illusive but commonly become very bold when they are hunting and easily become top predators and often a nuisance.  Bobcats commonly feed on wildlife ranging in size from wood rats to fully grown deer.  However, when bobcats are living in close range to urban areas, they may be deprived of their natural wildlife food sources, which in turn leads to predation of livestock and pets.  These opportunistic predators commonly feed on poultry, sheep, goats, house cats, dogs, exotic birds and game animals, and occasionally even calves.  Bobcats are commonly found in urban settings as long as they have access to any of these suitablebobcats in urban areas food sources.  In March of 2010 a bobcat was seen and later (due to bobcat trapping) captured in a parking garage of downtown Houston.  Bobcats are continually sighted throughout the suburbs of the Houston area.

If you are experiencing any of these bobcat issues or see a bobcat near an urban area, Wildernex can provide the bobcat removal and bobcat control services that you need.  Our professional wildlife biologists are experienced and licensed to implement the bobcat trapping to protect you and your property.