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Wasp Control, Hornet Control, & Yellow Jacket Control

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wasp-hornets-yellow jacketsStinging insects such as wasps, hornets, and yellow jackets are beneficial to the ecosystem and valuable for pollination; however, when active in close proximity to humans, they commonly pose a major pest problem, especially when nesting near a home or business.  Their presence can create a dangerous environment and a liability around the home or workplace.  Many people are highly allergic to stings and can be hospitalized after just one sting due to anaphylactic shock that follows a sting.  Unlike bees, many types of wasp and hornets are able to sting more than once which can turn a single attack into multiple stings.  Many species of wasp and hornets also emit pheromones when they sting which triggers an attach message to the entire colony.  Often one sting can trigger dozens if not hundreds or thousands more.  Government statistics indicate 40-100 people are killed annually from insect stings and this number continues to rise each year.

If you see wasp, hornets, or yellow jackets around your home, flowerbeds, office, or anywhere in close proximity to humans, contact Wildernex to provide professional control measures to protect you, your family, visitors, and employees from these potential threats.  Wasp, hornet, and yellow jacket removal can be very dangerous and should be left up to a licensed professional.