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Squirrel Control

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squirrelGrey squirrels and fox squirrels are the most common squirrels in our area and the most common nuisance squirrels that we deal with regularly.  These squirrels are small arboreal rodents, living most of their life above the ground in trees and high structures.  They have good eyesight and sturdy well developed claws for climbing.  Grey squirrels and fox squirrels are entirely diurnal, meaning they move solely during the daytime.  If squirrels have inhabited your attic, most noises will be heard during the early morning hours around dawn and late in the day at dusk.

Squirrels breed twice per year, once in the winter and once in the spring.  Most babies are born in mid March or July depending on when peak breeding took place.  Squirrel diets consist of a wide variety of plants, including nuts, seeds, conifer cones, fruits, fungi, and green vegetation.  In some cases, squirrels have been known to eat insects, eggs, small birds, young snakes, and smaller rodents, especially if food is scarce.

Squirrels in urban areas commonly gnaw on wood surfaces including siding, fascia boards, trim boards, and even shingles.  This damage can be aesthetically unpleasing but can also lead to future water damage or structural damage.  They commonly gnaw holes all the way through siding, soffit boards, or fascia boards to gain access into the home or attic space.  Attics provide great shelter and excellent nesting sites for mothers.  Insulation will be trampled and moved to new locations to build nests.  Squirrels in attics not only contaminate your home or business with urine and feces as well as external parasites like fleas, which can all lead to transmission of disease vectors, but also gnaw on everything including wood structures, pipes, and electrical wiring.  Squirrels commonly damage wiring which can completely disable alarm systems, light fixtures, appliances, and in many cases even start fires by shorting out wires.  If you are experiencing squirrel damage, please contact Wildernex wildlife control immediately.  Our wildlife biologists can provide squirrel trapping and long term squirrel control services through exclusion repairs to prevent squirrels from accessing your home in the future.  Squirrel removal services will also be followed up with clean up and disinfectant treatments by your wildlife biologist.  Please contact us to schedule these services.