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Nutria Trapping

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nutriaThe nutria or nutra-rat is a large semi aquatic herbivorous rodent originally native to regions of South America but was introduced to North America by fur ranchers and have since become an invasive nuisance.  Nutria have destructive feeding and burrowing habits that consistently destroy native plants.  They also burrow through dams and levy systems which can weaken these structures and even cause them to fail.  Nutria are also known to destroy human made structures with their gnawing such as lake front piers, homes, and even gnawing through tires.  Nutria look similar to beaver but are slightly smaller and have a rat like tail rather than the flattened Nutria2paddle like tail of beavers.

Nutria are a major nuisance in the US as they destroy wetland habitat and out compete our native wildlife species that rely on these native marsh lands and aquatic vegetation that is consistently destroyed by nutria.  If you have nutria problems, it is imperative that they be removed.  Please contact Wildernex to have a licensed wildlife biologist handle your nutria trapping and nutria control for your property.