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Insulation Removal and Replacement

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Once animals have occupied your attic space, you may be in need of clean up and possible replacement of damaged and contaminated insulation.  Wildernex offers cleanup and disinfectant treatments of attic spaces, but in some cases, the contamination is too severe to just treat the attic and sanitize it.

In many cases we recommend removing portions or all of the contaminated or damaged insulation and replacing it with new insulation.

Animals in attics typically travel through and on top of insulation boring tunnels and trampling down insulation rendering it less effective at maintaining your interior temperatures.  Insulation makes great nesting materials for mothers and soft bedding for many animals.  Feces and urine collecting in insulation is a health risk and can be circulated into the living area via the HVAC unit and air ducts that run through the attic.

As insulation is moved and compressed, it no longer provides a sufficient air barrier to prevent the transfer of hot and cold air in and out of your home or office thus increasing your utility bills.

If you have had animal activity in your attic, ask your Wildernex wildlife biologist about possible cleanup and replacement of contaminated or damaged insulation.