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Flying Squirrel Control

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flying squirrelFlying squirrels are nocturnal mammals that actually glide rather than fly.  Flying squirrels can glide from tree to tree by leaping and stretching out their patagium which is a flap of excess skin that stretches from forelegs to hind legs.  This provides a large flat surface that allows them to glide through the air.  Flying squirrels are arboreal and typically live most of their life off the ground in trees and often in attics.

Once flying squirrels inhabit your attic space, they use this area for shelter, breeding, and nesting.  Damage to your attic can occur from consistent gnawing on electrical wires which creates serious fire hazards in your home or office.   Burrowing in insulation and trampling insulation is common for flying squirrels which in turn can cost you in insulation value and high utility bills.  Flying squirrels also flying squirrel 1establish latrenes in your attic where you can quickly accumulate large quantities of urine and feces that not only contaminates your attic but creates serious health threats throughout your home or office.  Flying squirrels are also known for carrying large numbers of ectoparasites with them including fleas which can infest not only the attic but your entire home or office.

If you are kept awake at night from these noises, Wildernex can provide flying squirrel removal, trapping, and long term flying squirrel control in your home to prevent these problems from happening in the future.