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Dead Animal Removal

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When you have a dead animal in your building, or on your property, it’s very easy to tell. The smell, in most cases, is the first thing people notice, especially if the carcass is hidden in the walls, ceiling, or even under the floor of a building. The scent of decaying flesh usually motivates people to find the carcass, but what do you do if you can’t find it? Luckily, Wildernex wildlife biologists are experienced in locating and removing dead animals from attics, crawl spaces, and wall voids. You can count on Wildernex to handle the dead animal removal for you.

Removing the animal is about more than just removing the source of the scent of decay. Decomposing animals can play host to all sorts of bacteria, as well as different parasites that feed off of decomposing materials. While it may not seem like a problem, especially if the animal is hidden and out of the way for most people, the threat of disease and parasites should be taken seriously. Depending on where the carcass is located can also affect the quality of your water, or the soil surrounding your building.

When your Wildnernex wildlife biologist comes out, they will quickly locate the animal’s carcass, be it in your yard, or trapped somewhere in your building, and start the removal process. All of our wildlife biologists are highly trained to remove any number of common animals found in the Greater Houston area like skunks,  opossums, and even snakes.

After the carcass has been removed, deodorization treatments will be applied to help with the smell and ectoparasite treatments performed to kill any parasites that may have been feeding on the carcass including ticks, fleas, maggots, and flies to prevent these parasites from spreading through the structure. Please remember to leave all dead animal removal to the trained professional in order to prevent contracting any diseases, or parasites in the process.

If you think you may have a dead animal in your building or your yard, call Wildernex today to handle your dead animal removal needs. Call us today at (832) 312-5595