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If you have had wildlife in your home or office at any time, you are likely in need of cleanup and disinfectant treatments to clean and sanitize all affected areas.  Wild animals are known to carry and transmit numerous infectious diseases to humans and pets.

Many of these diseases are spread through fleas that bite the wild animal and then bite humans or pets and in turn transfer the disease.  Another major concern is the transfer of disease vectors through feces and urine.  When wildlife inhabits your attic space or wall voids, they typically leave behind urine and feces that can contain microbial parasites, bacteria, fungi, and viruses.  All of which can be transferred to humans or pets through direct contact or through airborne particulates.

Once feces and urine is dry, fungal spores, bacteria, or viruses can become airborne and once inhaled can cause potentially life threatening diseases and illnesses.

For a list of infectious diseases transmitted by animals or parasites of animals please visit the Center for Disease Control and Prevention