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pigeonsBird control problems are common in or around residential and commercial properties.  Common nuisance birds include pigeons, sparrows, starlings, grackles, blackbirds, and seagulls just to name a few.  Property damage from birds can come in many different forms.  Birds can directly damage property by pecking or pulling at building materials when collecting resources to add to their nests.  They also create fire hazards on properties by constructing nests around lights or other electrical equipment.  Feces can deface property as its corrosive qualities can create irreversible damage to your property including vehicles, buildings, and signs.  Bird fecal matter can also create serious health hazards.  We have even seen floors and ceilings that have collapsed under the added weight from massive accumulations of bird feces.

Birds are extremely filthy animals and their droppings can render walking surfaces slippery and dangerous.  Furthermore, birds can create serious health problems for humans and pets.  Birds commonly carry ectoparasites and are known to carry and/or transmit Histoplasmosis, Encephalitis, Ornithosis, Cryptoccosis, and Salmonella food poisoning.  The presence of bird feces creates an environment that is infested with ectoparasites and numerous bacteria, fungi, and viral infections that can become airborne and inflict serious, even life threatening respiratory pigeonailments.

Birds are notorious for attracting more birds and reproducing quickly.  Studies of pigeons have shown that only 5 mating pair can produce up to 400 pigeons in only 2 years.  As bird populations grow, the accumulation of fecal matter will continue to grow exponentially.  We have even seen entire floors and ceilings that have collapsed under the added weight from massive accumulations of bird feces.

Bird removal and bird control methods come in many varieties.  If you are in need of bird control on your property, Wildernex can implement a customized bird control program to fit your property and your budget.  Each bird control situation is unique and each requires the knowledge and experience to quickly and effectively resolve your problem.  Methods include trapping, population control, baiting, netting, deterrent equipment and devices, behavior modifications, immunocontraceptives, and more.  There are numerous companies that will sell you noise makers and decoy owls which are a quick money maker for the company yet create no long term resolve for your bird problem.  If you need bird removal and effective long term bird control for your property, Wildernex can provide the results you want.