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Beaver Control

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beaverBeavers are the largest rodent in North America and while their behaviors can be very interesting and beneficial in some ecosystems, they can create significant damage to your property.  Beavers use their sharp incisors to take down trees and are capable of taking down large adult trees in a matter of minutes.  Beaver use their fallen trees to feed on the new growth that is out of their reach from the ground.  Because of this, they often take down a large number of trees that can completely change the appearance of a property.  Beavers will also use some of their fallen trees to build their lodges and dams to control water levels as they see fit.  Dams can be built or repaired by beavers in as short as a day.  These dams can cause flooding in parks and residential areas.beaver_lodge

If you observe damage caused by beaver control on your property, it is important to have a licensed professional provide beaver removal and long term beaver control services you need to protect your property.  Wildernex is experienced in providing fast and effective beaver trapping and beaver control services to fit your specific needs.