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Armadillo Control

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armadilloArmadillos are a small mammal with a leathery armored shell for protection.  The nine-banded armadillo ranges across the southern United States, Central America, and much of South America.  They continue to spread further north across the U.S.  Armadillos cause major damage to structures and lawns every year.  If you are losing the battle over your lawn to armadillos, Wildernex can provide the armadillo removal and long term armadillo control solutions you need.  Armadillos overturn flowerbeds and lawns in search of grubs and worms in the soil.  The damage they leave behind can be very costly to repair and replace damaged landscaping.  Armadillo digging can also lead to erosion from Armadillo2water runoff.  More importantly, armadillos commonly dig extensive burrows under concrete drives, sidewalks, and home foundations.  Research has shown that these burrows can often extend 18 feet into the ground which can cause major shifting in foundations which can lead to tens of thousands in foundation repair.  Abandoned armadillo burrows are also commonly inhabited by skunks, cotton rats, and rattlesnakes which have all been found utilizing these underground burrows.

Armadillo removal and long term armadillo control services can put an end to your battle with armadillos and the destruction of your landscape.  Armadillo removal typically requires intensive trapping methods to capture and remove the nuisance armadillos that are damaging your property.  Armadillo trapping requires specialized traps as the strength and armor of armadillos allows them to quickly damage and escape from ordinary cage traps.  Continued armadillo control methods can be customized to fit your property needs and ensure long term armadillo prevention for your home or business.