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Wildlife Control Services

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Wildernex Wildlife Control offers a wide range of wildlife control services in Houston, Austin, and Dallas Fort Worth!

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Wildlife Trapping & Removal Services

The Wildernex wildlife team will provide you with professional trapping and removal services designed to resolve any and all nuisance wildlife issues. Read More

Exclusion Repairs

Wildernex offers exclusion repairs on your home and/or office to prevent animals and wildlife from returning and re-establishing residence within your location. Read More

Dead Animal Removal

Wildernex wildlife biologists are experienced in locating and removing dead animals from your home or office. Read More

Cleanup and Disinfectant Treatments

In order to clean and sanitize all effected areas, Wildernex offers premier wildlife cleanup and disinfectant treatments that protect you and your family. Read More

Insulation Removal and Replacement

If you have had animal activity in your attic, the Wildernex wildlife team can help with possible cleanup and replacement of contaminated and/or damaged insulation. Read More

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